Off Grid Solar System

The main component of off grid solar installation can consist of Photovoltaic (PV) modules, a battery bank and inverter to provide continuous power to sun appliances connected to the system. The configuration of your system will depend on the type of electrical loads that will be connected to it and also on the total power consumption of these loads. Your off- grid installation can be set up in a single, split or three-phase configuration. In remote, rural areas where there is no grid to connect, solar electricity is the answer for it. Off-grid solar electric system provide an affordable, clean and uninterrupted source of energy that allow you to run critical power to be supplied anywhere in the world. These off-grid systems can be used for a wide range of applications starting from powering a basic light bulb to supplying power for an entire village or even large–scale system.

With exhausting energy resources and power shortage, load detaching is a very common phenomenon that occurs on day-to-day basis. Solar power plants play a important role in similar crisis situation. Solar power plants are fully integrated power plants; PV solar modules, solar mounting systems, inverter and other electronics that wire the grid and give you an independent power supply.

Solar Power Plants built on the ground differ from that put on the roofs of houses as they require to go through feasibility, environmental assessment, grid connection, sitting etc.which is typical for a large industrial project. The time taken to build such a solar power plant project is also much more than a typical rooftop residential solar installation. Building a solar power plant requires project management skills typical of an industrial project with some unique characteristics and the entire process requires detail and solid execution skills. we play a prominent role in executing turnkey solar power plant projects. This includes feasibility analysis, designing systems, procuring equipment necessary for solar power plants, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the solar power plants.

Rooftops are receptors of raw solar energy and we can transform these ordinary rooftop into a solar power plant. With our efficient and integrated solutions we make it simple for you to install and operate a rooftop solar system. Our expertise lies in providing roof top PV systems that offer an independent power source to commercial and residential consumers, which comes with both economical and environmental advantages. we offer efficient and cost effective rooftop solutions including designing, engineering, procuring, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

Net Metering is the billing arrangement with your utility that allows you to receive credit for excess renewable electricity delivered to the grid. A 'net meter' tracks both the electricity consumed onsite and the electricity generated by the solar energy system.

This new introduction of NET METERING technology will benefit general public, opening up vast retail consumer base. With this very lucrative advantage of power saving at a minimal investment will benefit every house hold in the country.

The main advantage of NET METERING is , when solar system generates more Units than consumption it will be credited to Next bill.


We provide complete end-to-end solutions including complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for our customers seeking to build solar power plants. Our world-class project management teams ensure we complete the project in the fastest possible time-period without compromising on quality.

We assist customers seeking to use solar power right from the planning stage through the entire operational life of the project. This includes providing our customers with a complete financial return and cash flow analysis of the solar power project including providing of advisory services that help customers navigate all government policy issues, land procurement issues, tax benefits, subsidies and regulatory approvals to successfully install Solar photovoltaic plants.

Our range of services includes:

  • Planning & consulting
  • Site inspection, feasibility studies & basic evaluation
  • Identification of suitable surfaces & roofs for investors
  • Yield forecasts and profit analysis
  • Design planning, approval planning & implementation planning
  • Construction monitoring
  • Project management, documentation & operation
  • Full project implementation from single source – from conceptualizing to commissioning