Power evacuation is a vital function that allows generated power to be immediately evacuated from the Wind Power Project (WPP) to the grid for distribution.

Like any power generator, Wind Power Projects (WPPs) also require efficient evacuation system as a critical element of the entire business chain. Revenue and profitability solely depends upon the dynamic transmission system.

VEER with its team of highly experienced professionals cater to this requirement, thus ensuring the energy from the Wind farm is evacuated into the Grid.

Our dedicated Transmission team lead by experts have deep understanding of the grid network in the region. They conduct a thorough study of the power evacuation arrangement in the area, where wind power potential exists. They also explore the possibilities of evacuation.

Our strength in establishing a strong Power Collection Network for each wind farm including system up to the grid injection point, plays a important role for the investor because many times, the state grid development does not get upgraded at the pace at which wind farms get developed. This may result in curtailment at a later stage, if not properly taken care of. We at VEER study the state grid in detail, and create a safe system for our investor.

We have demonstrated record in constructing new substations at voltage levels of 66KV and 132KV. Construction of substation also includes engineering of the Sub-Station.