The future is not faraway and it shall affect all of us. Energy utilization is likely to soar and it shall create a vast gap in demand and supply cycle. At present most of our power supply is generated from perishable fossil fuels, Fossil fuels are a finite resource that will gradually disappear, The use of energy is growing rapidly and the resources of our planet are already under great pressure. We need to change the way we produce our energy. We need to produce more renewable energy, and the most promising source of energy is the power of wind. whereas Wind is forever freely and abundantly available. By using wind energy for power generation, we can help in providing a better and cleaner environment for our future generations.

Our prediction that by 2020 as much as 10 per cent of the world’s electricity consumption will be satisfied by energy from the wind. What’s more, we have the confidence to say that wind power is an industry on par with coal and gas.

Wind power produces energy, pure and simple. No CO2, no other greenhouse gasses, no hazardous waste left behind as a poisonous legacy for future generations. And, unlike coal and nuclear plants, it doesn’t consume huge amounts of water – which is itself becoming a scarce resource.
We all know, the price of oil, natural gas and other non-renewable materials can be volatile. But the price of wind is predictable and stable – its free in every currency. Wind is forever freely and abundantly available, Wind power can compete on price with conventional sources of energy such as oil and gas, Negligible Operating cost plus CDM benifit, makes it a sound business investment.
The world needs new capacity and wind energy is a proven technology which can supply part of this quickly and effectively. At the same time, wind energy limits the indirect costs from climate change and pollution, which is an integrated part of power production with fossil fuels. Consequently, wind energy is a very cost effective solution to society. Wherever it blows, it can bring jobs to support the local economy – and break the dependence on energy from external suppliers. Energy is becoming an increasingly strategic issue for governments around the world especially those currently dependent on foreign imports to fuel their homes and economies.

  • Government Incentives (CDM, GBI)are available.
  • Various Tax benefits are available.
  • Clear Guidelines and state wise policy for Wind power Generation
  • Tariff policy and State Electricity Board ready to Purchase Power
  • No administration/management problems for promoters.