VEER takes care of all the aspects related to development of wind power project from concept to commissioning including operation and maintenance . This includes wind studies, energy assessment, land acquisition, site infrastructure development, power evacuation, statutory approvals, supply of WTG, erection and commissioning and long term operation and maintenance of the wind farms.

Having installation done throughout the INDIA we have remarkable expertise in this area.

Our wind power INFRASTRUCTURE Development Services are:


The most significant aspects for the success of investment in the wind energy sector are:

  • Identifying potential sites
  • Accurately assessing wind resources at the site.

The Centre for Wind Energy Technology (C-WET) from time to time releases wind power density maps of India. However due to insufficient detail, These wind power density maps are used for initial selection of sites.

A continuous watch on the dynamics of wind behavior is essential in making certain decisions on the site at the right time. It also helps in deciding the right type of turbine for the site.
Wind masts are installed with required sensors for recording accurate data related to wind and weather. The mast is equipped with Automatic Data Logging System.

Veer Energy has installed wind masts across multiple states in India for continuous wind data monitoring. WRD is equipped with the right tools and staff specialized in data mining, analytical skills and interpretation. Using state of art software, the WRD can produce detailed wind resource assessment. Besides wind resource assessment, estimated generation and wind data analysis is cross verified through renowned international consultants.

Based on detailed wind resource assessment, a significant land bank has been identified and acquired are in advanced stages of acquisition.

land sourcing A key service at the beginning of the wind project life cycle is attaining land resources.
Identification of suitable wind-rich sites and procurement of same is form the base of Wind farm.
Based on the results of wind resource assessment, typical areas of interest are analyzed including wind potential, availability of evacuation infrastructure, nature of land availability, accessibility, ease of movement of the WTG including accessories (logistics). This is done by our Land Resource Team, under continued advise from the Wind Resource Team, land is acquired for the WTG, pathway, setting up substations etc. to provide turnkey solutions.

With the help of various software’s available, micro siting (or placement of the WTG for optimal energy production) is conducted and lands are identified for sourcing.

Due to the typical nature of wind projects, wherein one WTG has to maintain optimal distance from the other, such projects are spread over a large tract of land so as to harness the wind potential of that area efficiently.


Our extensive micrositing expertise allows us to guarantee two things: the choice of the most cost-effective turbine and the optimal wind farm configuration. This is vital for a profitable long-term investment in wind energy. Even if we have a good site and a good wind turbine it is important to see that the right wind turbines are put at the right places to extract maximum generation out of the wind farm.

Veer Energy uses the latest optimization tools along with consultation with the wind experts across the globe, which carries out several thousand iterations to arrive at the most optimal micrositing for the site. We assure the maximum returns for our customers from their wind farm.

civil infrastructure

Civil Infrastructure development which includes development and construction of infrastructure for wind farm, land development to enable installation of WTGs.

Civil infrastructure consist of, Road & Drainages , WTG foundation, Electrical substation, SCADA central facility, Spares and maintenance facility.

Prior to the setting up of wind farms, site development activities are undertaken, which are purely dependent on terrain conditions and soil layer.

We carried out soil testing for each location to get Optimization of WTG foundation design based upon actual soil condition, as The foundation transmits the wind turbine dead load and wind load into the ground.

Certain sites need minimum approach road work due to their flat and hard terrain, the amount of work required for constructing a approach road on a hilly terrain is huge. The best route to reach the top of the hill is first worked out. road work is undertaken, to enable trailers which carry the materials and cranes, to reach the point of installation. Here, aspects like incline, width and turning radius of a road should be considered to support smooth flow of material. Proper drainage facilities are then constructed and maintained, to ensure natural flow of water without affecting the environment.

We have executed civil works for varied capacity machines ranging from 225KW to 2.1MW.

dp yard

Electrical Infrastructure development which includes development and construction of substation for wind farm, electrical yard and internal transmission line. land development to enable installation of WTGs.

The electrical components found in the substation are mainly for facilitation of the operational aspects of the wind farm. This usually includes components such as switchgear, power protection systems and the electric meter. A transformer may also be part of the substation components to enable step up or step down of the power output. The size of these elements are dependent on the wind farm power capacity.

The power generated from the wind turbines is passed through a network of transformers, isolators, meters and then fed to the transmission lines which transmits the power up to the on-site substation. Electrical connections between the turbines are made via on ground cables to the on-site electrical substation. These cables are laid using RSJ poles, so far as far possible, routed to follow site access tracks.


Veer Energy provides superior project-related services to help customers with installation and commissioning of their wind farms, we procure and supervise the cranes for installing your wind turbines, provide the manpower to install and commission the turbines,  with expertise acquired through the implementation of several turnkey projects, VEER ENERGY has built up extensive experience in erecting and commissioning wind turbine projects, installing over 200 MW across various state of INDIA.

Our Projects Installation team highly trained and skilled professionals, with diverse experience in disciplines like project management, mechanical, electrical, electronics, civil engineering, etc. We pride in our teams and their expertise – working in extremes of temperatures and high wind conditions.

we Support for all government approvals including statutory approvals to install and operate the wind farm, support in connection with PPAs or WBAs with state distribution companies.